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Managing A/B Testing Goals just got easier with Convertize
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When optimising your website, you usually have a set of goals which define your conversions: usually a Lead or a Sale.

Conversion optimisation is a very iterative process: you continuously test, learn and improve. This implies that you re-use similar “Goals” from an experiment to another. And ideally, you want to save time by not needing to re-create goals every time you set-up a new experiment, right?

This is why we have just released a significant improvement to the “Goal tab”, by allowing you to enable any goal you have created in the past within the same project; mark a goal as “Primary”; or even edit any of them.

1. Reuse goals created previously

Have you set up a goal that you would like to easily reutilize within the same project? You are now able to do so. With the Library, you can simply reuse similar goals within the same project across different experiments.


2. Enable or disable goals

You can now easily change which goals you would like to track; and which goals you would like to put aside without deleting them. This will enable you to keep them for later use.


3. Edit the name and URL of goals

Have you made a mistake when setting up your goals? It has never been so stress-free to edit them.  No need to delete, our editor now enables you to change both the name and the URL of your goals.


4. Choose your primary goal

We understand that your priorities change over time, therefore we have made it extremely simple to alternate between your primary and secondary goals. Simply hover next to the titles of your goals to change their hierarchy.


In our continuous search for enhanced optimisations this is a welcome step towards streamlining and facilitating A/B testing.

We at Convertize always strive to combine design and usability. Accordingly, we hope that you will find this update useful.



by Aleksander Gora

Aleksander is a Product Developer with a background in market research and strategy. His research focuses on User Experience, graphic design, and advertising.

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