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How Can Cognitive Biases Increase Your Tinder Conversion Rate?
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All you do is swipe right, swipe right, swipe right… But where are all your matches going? How can you increase your conversion rate on Tinder? In terms of Tinder, your conversion rate is defined as the number of profile visitors that become matches (and then ultimately one of them becomes the love of your life…) But how can you increase these matches?

It’s all about using persuasive principles based on neuroscience (often referred to as cognitive biases). Here are a few ways you can implement these principles on your Tinder profile in order to get one step closer to Mr / Mrs right:


How Can Cognitive Biases Increase Your Tinder Conversion Rate?

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  • Use Your Eye Gaze: Humans are said to possess an evolutionary trait to follow people’s gaze (Emory, 2000) — simply, we automatically want to look where others are looking. Thus, if you want individuals to swipe to the right, you should have a photo with your eyes gazing to the right of their phone screen — so simple, yet so effective.
  • Use A Group Photo, Rather Than an Individual Headshot: The ‘Cheerleader Effect’ is the way in which individual items become more attractive to us when presented in a group — hence, you will appear more attractive in your group photo compared to when presented alone (just make sure you organise a group date, rather than a one-on-one to avoid disappointment…)
  • Use Your Best Photos First and Last: The ‘Serial Position Effect’ states that people tend to recall the first and last items in a series better than the middle items — so have your best two photos positioned first and last in order to make a good lasting impression!

Happy swiping and good luck — the perfect someone is out there somewhere!

Just remember — cognitive biases are not only applicable to Tinder, they can be easily applied to any business’s website! But how do you know which cognitive biases are required on your website? Convertize selects persuasive tactics based on biases specific to your website type and audience before allowing you to easily conduct an A/B test !

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