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How To Improve Your Adwords and Native Ads campaigns with Dynamic Headlines
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When visitors come to your website from an ad, the most important thing is that they feel confident and understand your commercial message as quickly as possible. Just a few seconds after they clicked on your ad, they need the confirmation that they arrived at the right place. They are going to look for the headline they clicked on. So it’s vital that the headline on your landing page matches with the specific ad every time. This will decrease your bounce rate and trigger a sense of familiarity and state of cognitive ease.

Convertize has launched a SmartPlugin™ which dynamically adjusts the headline on any of your landing pages’ in accordance to which advert was clicked by the users, ensuring perfect consistency throughout.

This SmartPlugin™ is based on the “Mere-exposure effect” (a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them). End result? You will boost your conversion rates and maximize the performance of your PPC campaigns.

SmartPlugins™ allow you to implement proven persuasion tactics to your website, in just a few clicks.

SmartPlugin™: Use Dynamic Headlines on any landing page

This SmartPlugin™ enables you to maximise your PPC campaigns with the use of Dynamic or “Matching Headline” on any of your landing pages.

Skype AdWords campaign – case study

Skype currently runs an AdWords campaign with two different headline messages:

All Ads are redirecting to the same landing page:

The SmartPlugin is dynamically changing the headline of the landing page to match the headline of each Ads.

Once you have added the plugin you can dictate what text is displayed in the plugin area by adding a tag to the URL you are using for each Ad, for example:

(you can also use “space” instead of %20)

See it in action:

This video shows how easy it is to add dynamic text to your landing pages using the SmartPlugin™.

Add this SmartPlugin™ to your website today

Add to my site

Which would display this dynamic landing page:

Which would display this dynamic landing page:

Which would display this dynamic landing page:


You can use as many variations as you wish!

Want to add this SmartPlugin™ to your website today?

Benjamin Ligier

by Benjamin Ligier

Benjamin is CRO Expert at Convertize, based in London. Passionate about design and webmarketing, he started out working in email marketing and then specialised in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).