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Our SmartEditor™ makes creating experiments simple. No prior knowledge of coding is required.


Simply drag & drop the SmartPlugins to add persuasive notifications, geolocation or dynamic content that will urge your user to complete a conversion.

Unlimited projects & collaborators

Create as many projects and experiments as you would like, and invite collaborators to participate.

AB Testing

Set up an AB test in just a few clicks. Autopilot Mode automatically allocates traffic to the best performing variant, leaving you free to focus elsewhere.

A/B Testing Ideas

Not sure where to start? Convertize can help, thanks to more than 150 A/B Testing Ideas for e-commerce, Saas, Lead Generation and more.

Platform Support

If you have any questions regarding pixel implementation, AB testing, billing, or simply need help creating an experiment, you can use our live chat support.

Website Integration

Convertize works with any website, including popular content management systems such as Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, etc. You can also use Google Tag Manager to install the pixel.

Targeting & Segmentation

Want to target specific users? It's easy with Convertize, with options for device type, geolocation, and more!

On-demand Coaching

We're more than happy to share our optimisation expertise with our online coaching tailored to your abilities and goals. This service is available for an extra fee.

Convertize integrates seamlessly with tools you already use.

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14-day trial
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Easy One Tag Integration
Platform support
Email Support
Chat Support
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Optimisation features
Instant Rollouts
6-Step Structured Process
Testing features
A/B Testing
Split URL Testing
Autopilot (Responsive Multi-Armed Bandit)
Tests On Protected Pages (Behind Login)
Unlimited Variations
Unlimited Experiments
URL Goals (e.g. Visits)
Micro Goals (e.g. Click)
Multiple Goals
Real-Time Results
Preview Changes
Targeting & Segmentation
Device Targeting (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
Language Targeting
Country Targeting
Referrer Targeting
Time of Day Targeting
Cookie Targeting
Conversion Tracking
Event Tracking
Cross-Domain Tracking
Test Duration Estimate
Real-Time Reporting
Invite Viewers
User Roles

Convertize makes A/B testing possible for any business

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We want to make Consumer Psychology easily accessible to every online business.

With Convertize, we offer a solution that can improve the profitability of any online marketing campaign.

Analytics tools tell you what visitors have done, but they don't tell you what's missing to convince them to sign up or buy on your website. Read more

Building and testing optimisation hypotheses can be long and complicated work. A/B testing tools often produce complicated data that only statisticians or mathematicians can understand and effectively analyse. Also, these tools increase the risks taken by marketing teams when using incorrect settings or choosing random hypotheses.

Creating Convertize, we have spent a lot of time simplifying things so that marketing teams can grow their revenues more quickly - by directly applying the best persuasion tactics on every page of their website.

For every single tactic, we have analysed and documented the scientific research and consumer psychology behind it. We have also identified the best websites that use these tactics successfully on a daily basis.

Convertize is a unique and ideal solution that compliments any branding or acquisition campaign on networks such as Adwords, Facebook or Outbrain.


Philippe AIME - CEO of Convertize

Frequently Asked Questions

Your free trial will contain all of the features listed in our 'Solo' plan, including:
  • 3 projects
  • A/B Testing with Autopilot
  • Hybrid statistical engine
  • Smart duration
When your trial ends, your account will become inactive and will not be accessible until you purchase a paid account. All of your experiments and the data you have gathered will be available again once you upgrade. After your 14-day free trial has ended, you can easily upgrade to one of our available plans – without losing any of your projects.
Your unique monthly visitor count is the number of individuals participating in your active experiments or variations. Unique visitors are only counted once, regardless of how many times they visit your website.
We accept credit card payments in the form of Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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