Use dynamic headlines to increase engagement whilst reducing your cost per click. Create a personalised user experience by displaying the location of your visitors.

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This SmartPlugin™ enables you to dynamically insert your visitors’ geolocation into your website pages, allowing for the creation of personalised content to improve engagement with your products and services. All this can be achieved in a few simple clicks.

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Personalisation FAQs

Website personalisation is tailoring content to a specific user or group of users. Convertize has a set of SmartPlugins™ that enable you to easily personalise the content of your pages.
You can simply drag and drop your chosen SmartPlugin™ onto the page you want to optimise and follow the instructions. The process will take just a couple of minutes.
Personalisation takes advantage of Social Cognition, which is the principle that people gravitate towards people, places and things that resemble themselves. Humans are biased towards characteristics that relate to themselves (also known as Implicit Egotism). When designing your website you can take advantage of this by tailoring the content to the individual user as much as possible.
You can display personalised content to your users based on their location or the link they arrived on your website from. This means they will see relevant content that matches either their location or, for example, the advert they clicked on before arriving on your website.
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