Dynamic Headlines SmartPlugin™

Maximise your PPC campaigns with consistent messaging

Accordingly to HubSpot Report 2014, landing pages are experiencing an average of 74.2% bounce rate, one of the main reasons is being inconsistent between the ads and the headline.

Report (2016)
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One Landing Page. An unlimited number of headings.

The Dynamic Headings SmartPlugin™ means you only need to run one single landing page, dynamically modifying its content according to whichever advert your visitors clicked through to arrive there. All this can be achieved in just a few clicks, saving you precious resources and time.

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One-click installation. Instant results.

Just drag and drop the plugin onto your website

A/B testing


Consistent messaging throughout the customer journey

Adjustable Timing

Improved UX

Decrease your bounce rates

Targeting Options

Better rating

Improve the Quality Score of your PPC campaigns

Real-time Analytics

Increase revenue

Maximise your campaign’s profitability by reducing your CPC

Daniel Khahneman The Nobel prize-winning Economist

The science behind the SmartPlugin™

All our SmartPlugins™ are guided by consumer psychology

This Plugin takes advantage of Cognitive Ease. This is the measure of how easy it is for our brains to process information. The Cognitive ease associated with something will alter how we feel about it and whether we are motivated to invest our time and effort in it. The Nobel prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman explains it in his book Thinking Fast and Slow [2001].

Get yourself a 37.8% average increase in conversion

No credit card required

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