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Convertize vs. X
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Are you just starting out in the world of Optimisation? Do you know where to start?
There are numerous optimisation platforms available, but these platforms all have different features available. Let’s compare Convertize with X

1. Create Variations:
What can you actually test? This is the first question you should ask yourself. With X you are alone in deciding what you want to test – this is not an easy decision to make, especially if you are not an expert! Convertize, on the other hand, assists you in deciding where improvements should be made on your website. This software provides you with access to a library of persuasion tactics based on verified neuroscience principles. After Convertize has assisted you in deciding what you would like to change, you just have to create the variation of your website before launching an A/B test.

2. Target Audience
Convertize is designed to be simple and easy to use, so even if you don’t know anything about optimisation you can still target your audience by just using the most common features. However, if you are an expert and these basic features are not enough for you, X offers more options about targeting.

3. Verification step
Once your A/B test is ready and your target audience has been selected, you can launch your experiment! But don’t worry you are not alone, Convertize will continue to guide you by providing a checklist – so you can easily identify and correct any issues before launching the test. This verification step is not available with X; hence your adjustments would be launched before you’ve had the opportunity to check for common errors – one tiny error can distort your entire experiment.

Aleksander Gora

by Aleksander Gora

Aleksander has 7 years experience creating usable and delightful online experiences. He has a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture and user interface design. He is a Lead UX Designer / Product Manager at Converitze.