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Social Proof And Its Use in Marketing
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Social Proof is a type of conformity. When a person is in a situation where they are unsure of the correct way to behave, they will often look to others for cues concerning the correct behaviour.

Human beings are social and tribal beings, and what others think, say or do is important to us and can be a powerful motivator. We are intrinsically driven to conform and so will often be influenced to copy others’ decisions and actions, especially when we are hesitating or feel as though we don’t have enough information of our own. We also tend to assume that surrounding people possess more knowledge of any given situation and that the actions of others therefore reflect correct behaviour.

How Is Social Proof Used In Digital Marketing?

Many brands make use of social proof through the way they market their products:

  • by showing how many already purchased the same product,
  • by showing how many signed up to their newsletter,

By disclosing information – usually hidden – to potential customers, brands are able to stimulate demand.

Benjamin Ligier

by Benjamin Ligier

Benjamin is CRO Expert at Convertize, based in London. Passionate about design and webmarketing, he started out working in email marketing and then specialised in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).