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In this case study we show you three effective product page optimisation tactics from the Convertize persuasion tactic library and how easy it is to implement them to a website using the Convertize SmartEditor.

Tactic 61: Product name should be descriptive and unique

Choosing a unique and descriptive product name helps avoid confusing your users and also offers SEO benefits.

Editor (Tactic 61): The names of the products are modified to be more descriptive and precise.

Tactic 284: Show your product being used in several ways in your photos

Help your customers visualise using your product by showing images of it being used in various ways.

Tactic 136: Use attractive models (when appropriate)

Add credibility to your product by showing it being modelled.

Editor (Tactics 284 & 136): It’s easy to replace the existing images with new improved versions. The images are simply linked to their URLs and directly applied on the page.

Updated version: The titles of the products have also been modified to be more descriptive and the images changed to show how the product is being used with attractive models.

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