Learn to create powerfully effective experiments
on the Convertize platform from our onboarding experts

Whether you are a business owner new to optimisation, or an agency interested in
how Convertize can add value to your operation, our training is tailored to your requirements.

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Areas of training we offer:

Support for Agencies:

Assistance with drafting proposals

Distinguish yourself from your competitors by effectively integrating new optimisation services in your service package.

Participation on conference calls

Our Conversion experts will take part in any client conference calls to understand the needs of your clients.

Assistance with project delivery

Our team will be on hand at every stage of your project to offer help and guidance and ensure smooth delivery.

In-depth Onboarding for eCommerce & SaaS sites:

Tactics consultation

Our team will evaluate your website and recommend which persuasion tactics from our library would be most effective for you to implement in your Convertize experiments.

Introduction to Optimisation

Your optimisation coach will give you an overview of conversion optimisation, and provide advice on how best to use the Convertize platform.

Advanced Onboarding

Sessions focused on how to use the Convertize platform to manage your focus effectively and achieve your project goals on time.

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