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Convertize Partner ProgramComing Soon!

Become a SaaS affiliate marketer with Convertize and get paid every month. For each new
customer you refer to us, you get 30% of the recurring revenue.

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We offer 30% lifetime recurring commission

Invite people

When somebody who you invite signs
up to a paid plan, you’ll earn 30%
of what they pay each month.

Keep earning

You will keep earning automatic
revenue throughout their customer

How Does SaaS Affiliate
Marketing Work?

Your affiliate marketing account is automatic, and there is no limit on the amount you can earn. Simply
register to get your custom link, then use it to direct leads to
A/B testing
Sign up

You register for a free
affiliate account
with Convertize.

Adjustable Timing
Get your link

You get a unique link that
connects referred traffic to
your account.

Targeting Options
Invite people

You send people to (ie. with
blog posts).

Targeting Options
Get paid

For every person who signs
up for a paid plan, you get
30% recurring commission.

The referral cookie lasts for 30 days, so your referrals are counted even if they don’t sign-up
straight away. You earn 30% of the monthly revenue for as long as they use Convertize.

Here’s an example...

You refer Chris to us and he signs up to the Team package for $199 per month. You’ll earn 30% of his initial payment ($59.70) and then a further $59.70 a month for as long as Chris remains a subscriber. After a year you’ll have earned $716.40 - and that’s just from one referral!

Why Convertize Is The Perfect
SaaS Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Convertize is a unique solution for growing businesses, which means a large percentage of the
people you refer to us will turn into paid users and earn you money. Your monthly earnings are
reliable and automatic, and your account is easy to manage. All that means you can focus on
simply driving traffic.
  • Quick, secure and automatic accounts
  • Unlimited referrals, with no cap on the amount you can earn
  • Easy-to-manage dashboard you can access at any time

Here's How Much You Could Earn
Every Month

The Team Plan is the most popular plan for business websites. It allows users to test on up to 100,000
visitors each month for $199 per month.
You could earn
$ 29850
By refering 5 people to the TEAM plan
You could earn
$ 119400
By refering 20 people to the TEAM plan
You could earn
$ 597000
By refering 20 people to the TEAM plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. This SaaS affiliate marketing program is open to anyone. All you need is an email address and an account for us to pay into.
You receive your commission automatically at the end of each month. The best way to set up your payments is through a PayPal account.
When a visitor arrives on from your unique referral link, we add a cookie to their browser. When they sign up for a paid Convertize plan, the cookie is registered and the referral is assigned to your account.
You can email with any questions, or use our live chat support.

Join the SaaS Affiliate Marketing Program
and start earning recurring revenue

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