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New app enables Shopify retailers to increase their conversion rates
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Shopify store owners can now nudge visitors into buyers with the new Nudgify app from Convertize, a digital consulting agency specialising in Conversion Rate Optimisation. The plugin is available on the Shopify app store – an online platform which allows individuals and businesses to create their own e-commerce store and sell their products.

A ‘nudge’ is used to describe any alteration to an environment which might lead to a change in behaviour without obstructing individuals freedom of choice. The encouragement of desirable behaviours by making subtle changes in presentation became mainstream last year when the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Richard Thaler, which he won following his introduction to nudging and contribution to behavioural psychology.

On the Shopify platform, nudges are simply displayed as pop-up windows which display store data and preset messages with information such as ‘28 people have recently viewed this product’. Through the creation of persuasive notifications, Nudgify ensures your store is always optimising, the algorithms continually assess which notification is performing best on each page. This helps store owners feel relaxed that Nudgify is always working to improve stores revenues. It also ensures that it fits in with the companies Shopify e-commerce platform, ensuring store abandonment is reduced.

If store owners want to boost their conversion rates Nudgify recognises each stage of the sales funnel (Homepage, product page, category page, basket page and confirmation page) and suggests the optimal notifications. On the results page store owners can see how each notification is performing, and indicate how much they have earned with Nudgify.

CEO, Philippe Aimé comments on the launch:

“We are excited to announce the launch of Nudgify and we feel we can really help retailers increase their engagement and conversion rates with our simple, elegant nudges. Along with this they can relax and be reassured that Nudgify is always optimising their data for them. With simple changes in the environment such as the appearance of more information, we think customers will be more likely to make a purchase.”

There are various persuasive notifications that can be used in conjunction with nudging. These include: Urgency, pain of paying, social proof and scarcity. Various websites and retailers use these principles, including Amazon. The website has psychological principles of cognitive ease by incorporating their prime and tick symbols. They also incorporate social proof by showing which items are best sellers and how many reviews the product has, scarcity – ‘only 2 left in stock’, cognitive bias of anchoring and pain of paying – displaying the initial price and then crossing it out makes original price seem lower.


Philippe’s bonus tip:
Want To Learn More About Persuasive Notifications?

Read more about Social Proof, Scarcity and Urgency in our blog. And if you’d like to add persuasive notifications to your own site, why not take a free 30 day trial of Convertize. For those with a Shopify Store, it’s even easier, just download our Free Nudgify App!.

by Philippe Aimé

Philippe is the CEO of Convertize. He created his first website in 1998 and has spent the past 20 years finding ways to make digital marketing more persuasive. He now heads a team of CRO consultants.