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Partnership between Convertize and Optimizeo
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Digital consulting agencies Convertize and Optimizeo, both internet marketing specialists, have gone into partnership in order to increase their reach and influence.

The two companies, who complement one another perfectly, have decided to share their knowledge and experience to enhance development, especially on an international scale.

Their collaboration should allow a broader e-business approach with high added value for the customer.

Convertize specialises in conversion optimisation, using a method that places a high importance on behavioural analysis using key analytical approaches as well as A/B and multivariate testing.

Optimizeo is a newer agency that focuses on the strategy and management of e-commerce projects.

An agile grouping concentrating on collective intelligence

Rather than a traditional financial merger, these two agencies who share the same vision of a flexible and agile business model, have opted for a long-term collaborative partnership based on shared values that will also leave room and opportunity for other partnerships as well.

A shared DNA: choosing independence for the benefit of the client

Whether acting as intermediaries for traffic acquisition, solution software publishers for e-commerce, or as web developers, Convertize and Optimizeo will act entirely independently for the benefit of their clients.

Thanks to this position, both companies are able to offer more effective and less costly marketing campaigns as well as e-commerce projects that take into account the real advantages and disadvantages of solutions offered on the market.

Philippe Aimé – CEO, Convertize

During his time at Accenture, Philippe Aimé became an expert in cost optimisation. A true web pioneer, he launched his first website in 1998, before Google even existed. Entrepreneur at heart, Philippe Aimé is the founder of several companies, including Convertize which was created in 2008.

Convertize is a digital consulting agency specialising in Conversion Rate Optimisation. Thanks to simple and effective methods, Convertize helps its clients to improve their websites and to quickly and efficiently increase online revenue. Based in London, Convertize operates throughout Europe.

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Jean-François Rocher – CEO, Optimizeo

After 9 years of consulting at Deloitte and then Ineum Consulting (now called Kurt Salmon), Jean-François Rocher was involved in the very beginnings of several brands and e-commerce sites before creating Optimizeo to assist his clients with their e-business strategies and to help them with e-commerce projects, whether creation, redesign or optimisation.

Optimizeo is a digital consulting agency specialising in e-business strategy, e-commerce project assistance, and conversion rate and user journey optimisation. Optimizeo works with new companies, pure players and other e-commerce and internet businesses.

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Philippe Aimé

by Philippe Aimé

Philippe is the CEO of Convertize. He created his first website in 1998 and has spent the past 20 years finding ways to make digital marketing more persuasive. He now heads a team of CRO consultants.

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Philippe is a web developer, digital marketer and conversion rate obsessive. He started Convertize back in 2008.

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