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Top 3 Social Proof Apps in the Shopify App Store (2022)
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In today’s e-commerce industry, it’s not enough to offer the best products or the cheapest deals. Driving traffic to your Shopify store is only half the battle – all that effort is wasted if you don’t convert your visitors into customers. Luckily, the Shopify App Store contains hundreds of Social Proof Apps to engage your visitors and increase conversions. So, which of these apps should you choose? 

Using Social Proof on your Shopify Store

Social Proof is a powerful psychological bias that causes us to copy others. For example, when we are unsure what to do, we often imitate the people around us. As the marketing expert Robert Cavett wrote:

People are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.

Because it has such a strong effect on our choices, businesses try to use social proof in marketing. What’s more, for Shopify storeowners, there are an ever-growing number of apps designed to create Social Proof on catalogue and product pagesIn this article, we review the 3 best apps for creating Social Proof on your Shopify store.

social proof app nudgify

1. Nudgify

Social Proof, Sales Pop Up, Recent Sales, FOMO, Urgency (see Nudgify App Page)

nudgify app social proof

Nudgify is a Social Proof App that shows relevant messages for each type of page on your Shopify store. Using these pre-built “Nudges”, you can reduce the bounce rate on your home page and product collections. You can also reduce basket abandonment and increase your conversion rate by adding Nudges to your product and Add-to-Cart pages.

  • Popularity Nudge – Harness social proof (28 people recently viewed this product)
  • Order Soon Nudge – Create urgency (Want delivery tomorrow? Order in 1h 32mins)
  • Low Stock Nudge – Nudge hesitating browsers (Order now! Only 2 left in stock)
  • Custom Nudges – Get creative and add any message to any page

Pricing Plans

Nudgify doesn’t just offer a free trial – it offers a free plan. Along with this are plans that scale with your business.

Notifications1000 notifications10,000 notifications100,000 notifications1,000,000 notifications

App Strengths

  • Full integration with Shopify
  • Based on the concept of Nudging developed by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
  • Can take stock, and purchase info directly from your store.
  • The biases include Social Proof, Urgency, Scarcity, Cognitive Ease, Pain of Paying, and more
  • Suggests notifications for each page type on your store, including Home, Catalog, Collections, Product, Cart and Confirmation.
  • It checks which notification converts best, so is optimising all the time.


  • Nudges are automatic, and can’t be used without real live data.


fera social proof shopify2. Fera

Social Proof App That Increases Conversions, Sales and Trust (see Fera App Page)

fera social proof shopify

Fera helps Shopify Stores to increase urgency and social validation, with the promise of increased conversions. Alongside pop-ups, Fera can add banners, carousels and countdown timers to your store.

  • Testmionials – Show reviews and customer feedback
  • Social Proof – Display the most recent sales
  • Recently Sold – Count your sales and show them off 
  • Low Stock – Highlight an item that is nearly sold out

Pricing Plans

Fera is best-suited to larger stores, with pricing based on both features and your store’s revenue. 

“feraSmall (Startup)SmallMedium
Notifications3 skills10 skills20 skills

App Strengths

  • Easy to install
  • Allows you track all current customer journeys
  • Offers a free trial


  • Not fully integrated with Shopify, so you need to leave Shopify to manage the App
  • Only focuses on social proof and urgency
  • Dashboard is quite difficult to navigate and creating notifications isn’t intuitive


social proof shopify fomo3. Fomo Social Proof

FOMO Increases Conversions with Social Proof Notifications (See FOMO app page)

fomo social proof shopify

Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on Shopify Stores. Fomo also  integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Instagram, and more.

  • Recent Subscription – Show off a new subscriber
  • Recent Sign-ups – Get Social Proof from a free trial sign-up
  • Recent Activity – Display conversions or other events

Pricing Plans

Like Fera, FOMO is suited to Shopify stores with high monthly revenue.


App Strengths

  • Offers notifications to increase credibility and hence traffic
  • Good list of integrations


  • Not fully integrated with Shopify store
  • You are allowed only 7 days to use the app for free
  • Required credit card to allow to go further
  • A lot harder to navigate its back-office than Fera


Getting Social Proof on Shopify in 2022

Using one of these apps, you can easily add Social Proof to your Shopify store. They take only one or two minutes to set up, and your store should see an increase in conversions immediately.

This list of the best apps for Social Proof on Shopify is updated regularly. So, if you have a favourite app that isn’t mentioned, or disagree with our list, leave us a comment to let us know.

by Charlotte Franssen

Charlotte is Customer Success and Product Specialist at Convertize. Our customers love Charlotte so much that she only receives 5-star reviews on Capterra and TrustPilot.