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The Pancake Theory [Native Advertising]
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Pancake Theory and Native Advertising:
How to make your native advertising campaigns profitable using Ligatus, Outbrain and Taboola.

Inspired by Pancake Theory, we created T.U.B.E, a fully optimised process for native advertising.

T.U.B.E 4 letters which means : Time User segments Behaviour Experiment

  • T: Time – Sending the right message at the right time.
  • U: User Segments – Segment your traffic according to the offer.
  • B: Behaviour – Measure and analyse the behaviours.
  • E: Experiment – Test new variations continuously.



The Pancake Theory [Native Advertising]

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Philippe Aimé

by Philippe Aimé

Philippe is the CEO of Convertize. He is based in London. Philippe created his first website in 1998, and has worked many years as a Cost Optimisation Consultant for several important groups. He now heads a team of Conversions Optimisation consultants.

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