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6 Landing Page Optimization Hacks For Websites In Bloom
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Attracting new clients is important for any company. In a fight for survival, adaptation is the key to success – but that doesn’t mean being bigger and stronger. If you’re looking for tips on landing page optimization, you should think like a flower…

Think of your website like a garden; each page needs the brightest colours and the sweetest nectar to attract bees… These 6 hacks for landing page optimization will turn your website into a botanical show-stopper. 

optimize your landing page

A good landing page can double (or even triple) the number of leads that you get from ads, referrals and emails. In fact, landing page optimization is one of the most important parts of a digital marketing campaign. Depending on how (and where) you build them, your landing pages can turn your traffic into leads, your leads into subscribers, and subscribers into loyal customers. These 6 hacks will help you to get more from your landing pages.

When a flower stands out, it attracts more insects. Standing out from the crowd and offering something unexpected is essential. 

In 1933, the psychologist Hedwig Von Restorff showed that distinctive items are also more memorable. That’s important when you only have one chance to make an impression on a visitor. 

A memorable impression begins with the way you generate traffic. There are tons of ways to make your Google ads more effective, but creating a distinctive look is often overlooked.  

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Casper

Notice how this advert for Casper, a mattress company, includes a star rating. The stars are brightly coloured, and contrast with the green URL and blue Title. They attract a reader’s eye and build credibility in the same instant.

Alongside this, all of Casper Mattresses’ ads use the recognisable ® symbol. The unusual character stops a reader as they scan the text. 

optimize your acquisition

Once you’ve got some visitors on your page, you need to make an impression. Casper Mattresses competes in a saturated market, which means they need to have the brightest flower in an already bursting garden.

Fortunately for them, the brand has a strong reputation and a list of industry awards. Unsurprisingly, these are the central features of the landing page. However, they also use some clever psychological tricks to make the page more compelling…

Notice that the CTA invites users to “shop the mattresses”. This awkward phrase causes the reader to stumble, lingering on the button. It also draws attention to the product’s value, which comes from the strength of the brand. 

The way the brand is incorporated into the product image (in three places), is remarkably effective. The brand name appears five times in this screenshot…

lead generation landing page optimization

Of course, attracting attention from the wrong kind of insect is pointless. That’s why placement is important.

This is not just about which part of the results page you occupy, or how you position your CTA…

…It is about where your customers are in their purchase journey

Someone who enters a broad search term probably isn’t ready to click “buy”. At the same time, someone who enters a precise search term probably doesn’t need to learn about your brand. Pitching your landing page at the right stage of the conversion funnel is essential. If your offer does not align with your audience, your traffic will fly off to another page.

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Ranking Coach

This ad for Ranking Coach, a search engine optimization service, is associated with a very general search term (I typed in “traffic to my website”). 

rank coach lead generation

It is clearly designed for people at an early stage in the sales funnel and the landing page is optimized with this in mind. The CTA provides a very low hurdle (who can’t afford to “Learn More”?) and the endorsements are clearly displayed. 

This landing page also uses an ingenious technique to capture and direct a reader’s attention. Whilst the female subject might not seem relevant, her eye-line directs the reader towards the landing page’s strap-line. This method is called “gaze cueing“, and it helps to give a landing page an unconscious visual structure. 

Everything about a flower is designed to attract bees. So, anything that stands in the way of buzz-tastic traffic is a serious concern.

  • The first step is to anticipate your visitors’ needs, answering their questions and addressing their doubts. Understanding exactly what your traffic wants from your landing page is key. 
  • Next, consider the copy. You need to balance giving enough detail with keeping your page light; too much information risks drowning the reader. 
  • Finally, you need to design your page so that your readers don’t have to think too much.

A significant part of landing page optimization is trying to create cognitive ease

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Uber Eats

The best examples of easy-access landing pages are the ones designed by food-delivery websites. They know you’re hungry, and they can use your IP to find out where you are. Local recommendations remove a lot of the work from the ordering process. With a single click, you are presented with all the information you need.

By asking for a delivery address as the first step, this landing page fast-tracks your order. The same information will be used to display the most appropriate options and will allow the app to pre-fill a section of your payment form. 

example landing page

A fly-by visitor is unlikely to give up any personal information unless they are getting something in return. This incentive might be information, a special offer, or a free gift. The important thing is that it is irresistible. 

Common Lead Magnets for Landing Pages

These are some common lead magnets used to collect email addresses and other details from a landing page.

  • Raffle tickets (enter your details for a chance to win a prize)
  • Free downloads (enter your address to receive the report in an email)
  • Invitations (fill in a form to be invited to an event)
  • Games (enter your email address to create a player profile)

Making an impression is important, but landing pages should aim to have a long-term impact. One way to do this is with a foot-in-the-door strategy

Because most people prefer to continue an action, rather than changing what they are doing, a small commitment makes it easier to get a larger one. Asking a user to follow you on social media, or to subscribe to your newsletter, makes it more likely that they will make a more substantial commitment later. That’s why creating engagement is an important part of landing page optimization. 

For example, the popular fashion brand J.Crew found that people who engaged with them on social media spent twice as much as the average consumer

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Avanti

Insurance and comparison websites have some of the highest multi-session conversion rates. They have a ready-made way to keep people in the sales-funnel. By prompting a user to request a quote, these websites turn one click into several visits (the initial visit, the quote retrieval and the conversion). That makes it far more likely that a user will stick.

avanti landing page optimization

You may have heard of “hive mind” or “hive mentality.” In the same way that groups of insects move together, other people have a big impact on our behaviour.

In uncertain circumstances, most people prefer to follow group consensus rather than challenging it. This phenomenon is undoubtedly enhanced by the assumption that others are more knowledgeable than we are. The influence of collective opinion is called social proof and, when understood, it is an essential tool for marketers. Because of the influence that conformity has on our opinions, the efficient use of social proof is a key part of landing page optimization. 

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to secure your visitors’ attention and trust. Any testimonial should feature the name, face or logo of the reviewer, so that your visitors know it is coming from a real source.

Whilst it is tempting to fill your whole website with reviews, there are other ways to demonstrate how popular your products are. An easy way to use social proof without flooding your site with testimonials is to use website apps and plugins

  • Some apps, like Yotpo, collect reviews from users automatically. 
  • Customer engagement apps, like Nudgify, give you a way to display reviews elegantly.

If it feels like the whole hive is interested in your product, visitors’ will be quick to want to join the party.

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Handmade Mysteries

Because some products are impossible to visualise, or have a social element, social proof is even more important. The theatre industry, for example, relies on reviews and ratings to generate audience interest. The way that landing pages are optimized within the entertainment industry reflects these concerns. 

landing page optimization social proof

There are three kinds of social proof available to these kinds of products: customer reviews, press ratings and industry endorsements. The landing page for this experience-day company is designed as a sliding carousel, allowing for each form of social proof. 

social proof landing page optimization


It’s hard to find clients in an ultra-competitive online market. Unfortunately, grabbing a browser’s attention is more complicated than luring an insect to your pollen. That means websites have to work harder than your average rhododendron, and landing page optimization is essential.

However, digital marketers have a secret weapon, when it comes to winning clicks and business. Understanding the psychology behind consumer behaviour, the secrets of the hive, allows you to optimize your sales funnel.

Once a customer is drawn in, you can focus on keeping them engaged and entertained. If you manage to do that, those sought-after conversion rates are sure to follow. 


by Alexandra

Alexandra is a digital marketing psychologist, with a background in sociology and behavioural economics.

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