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Where To Start With A/B Tests?
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Getting started is always the hardest part, especially with A/B testing. But don’t be disheartened — it really isn’t as bad as it first seems. The two most important things you need to consider are, what am I actually testing and why. Once you have answered these two questions, getting started will be easy as 1, 2, 3!

But how do you identify which components of your website actually need testing? You could move your CTA to the left a bit or could change the colour of your title, but why? Sadly, conducting arbitrary tests isn’t going to massively improve your conversion rate — you need a plan, specifically you need a plan backed up by neuroscience.


Where To Start With A/B Tests?

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Persuasion principles are based upon neuroscientific research and these will help you to decide what changes to make — so you know exactly what your A/B test will consist of! For example, the ‘Von Restorff effect’ (1993) described the tendency for individuals to remember elements that stand out as the contrast evoked between one element and the others causes our brains to ‘wake up’ and pay more attention — hence, according to this established principle, your Calls-To-Action should contrast with the colours used on your website. Thus, one option for an A/B test would be to use a different colour CTA — Easy and very effective!

But how do you find all of these persuasion principles? And most importantly, how do you incorporate them onto your website? Convertize is your answer — this new platform takes the guess work out of optimisation as it selects tactics (based on these persuasion principles) specific to your website and your audience and then allows you to easily test your changes (in the A/B format).

Benjamin Ligier

by Benjamin Ligier

Benjamin is a CRO Expert at Convertize. He is passionate about design, web marketing and consumer psychology.

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Benjamin is an expert in A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation. He works on testing and design.

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