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8 Neuromarketing Principles Used by British Airways to optimise their Conversions Rates
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Welcome to another instalment of our “Online Persuasion Insiders” series!

Summer is here but the weather is leaving a lot to be desired so I think I’ll head over to the South of France instead where the sun is far more reliable! I need to book a flight to meet my friends in Marseille so I turn to British Airways.

As a Conversion Optimisation Consultant, I can’t help but take note of both the positive aspects of their site – and also the areas for improvement. 

Join me on my user journey as I take note of both the positives and the areas for improvement on their site and discover neuroscience principles at work, 10 mistakes to correct and 4 suggestions for optimisation.




8 Neuromarketing Principles Used by British Airways to optimise their Conversions Rates

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by Benjamin Ligier

Benjamin is a CRO Expert at Convertize. He is passionate about design, web marketing and consumer psychology.